Mayweather vs McGregor Fight Live

The Tickets Sales Isn’t Fairing Well To The Super Fight: Mayweather vs McGregor Fight Live!

As you already know, everyone is going gaga over this McGregor vs Mayweather fight. And why shouldn’t they? After all Jr. Mayweather is getting out of the retirement just to fight with the ultimate UFC champion Coron McGregor. The bout is of 154-pound.

This fight has been the most awaited fight in a very long time. You know the tickets for Conor McGregor V/s. Floyd Mayweather has already been on sale from 24th of July, 2017. Tickets are available at the official website of Ticketmaster and even at T-Mobile Arena’s official website.

You know this match is going to be telecaster on the pay per each view basis. For the high definition streaming of McGregor vs Mayweather Fight Live, the charge will be $99.95 and for standard definition stream the charge will be $89.95. This match will be of 12 rounds, with each round of 3 minutes.

The reason of all this madness surrounding the match is because these two champions are going to fight against each other in the USA for the very first time. This is McGregor’s first boxing match. He’s never fought one before. McGregor is the popular Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) fighter. He also holds two UFC titles in the two divisions. And now he’s all set to make a boxing debut in opposed to great Mayweather.

At the other side, Mayweather is hot favorite because of his tremendous track record. In his entire career of 21 years, he fought about 49 matches and did not lose a single one. Mayweather stands in the list of best boxing champions the world has ever witnessed.

All the permits for this match have already been taken from State of the Nevada for this boxing bout. Conor McGregor doesn’t hold the boxing license in the USA and it’s still awaited. McGregor’s team has been working on this issue.

Meanwhile, these two champions have undergone the intensive medical tests to make certain that both the players are qualified and fit enough to fight this bout fairly.

This match has continuously been on media because of the controversies enclosing the players and the fight. Last week, these players went on a tour for the series of talks in the major cities like Toronto, Los Angeles, New York and London. Awaiting audience went haywire when they saw the clips from the tour.

Followed by this tour, came the news that McGregor has been knocked out from the sparring match. But the rumors were denied by his management. Guys, it’s going to be a treat to witness this match as there’s so much excitement among the fans. This match has led the fans to create serious hype which concurrently created the fever pitch.

Do you have any idea how much these players are going to earn? Well, the Irishman, McGregor will earn about $12 million. But when we compare it with Mayweather, McGregor’s net is quite less.

Guys, this match is going to be once-in-a-lifetime kind of fight to witness. The ticket sale has already begun. You can visualize this match in the arena for tickets starting at £390. But this price bracket has very limited seats. You clearly don’t want to miss out, right?

The prices go higher as the seats get closer to ringside. Another price brackets are £7500, £5000, £2500, £2000 and £1500. The costliest ticket can go up to £10, 000. No doubt that these tickets are quite expensive, but the madness level for this fight is beyond imagination. And that’s the reason these tickets will get sold out faster than ever.

Guys don’t miss out. Don’t miss the big action Mayweather vs McGregor live fight on August 26, in Las Vegas!Stay Tuned for more news related to the most-happening fight of this year!

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