Mayweather vs McGregor Fight Live

The Official Poster Of Mayweather vs McGregor Fight Live Is Out: Let’s Have A Look!

With only about a month left for the most awaited match across the globe, the release of its poster had to cause frenzy among the audience. Showtime Sports has officially released the poster for the Floyd Mayweather Jr vs. Connor McGregor fight that will air on the 26th of August.

This boxing bout is the most anticipated fight in the longest because of the two people who will be fighting for the win. Mayweather is a boxing champ who has a record of being unbeatable for the last 49 matches that he has fought whereas McGregor is not even a boxer in entirety.

McGregor is a mixed martial artist who has never been in a boxing bout yet and is yet to receive his boxing license in the United States. What sets the excitement bar high is that Mayweather will be coming out of retirement after a career span of 21 years to fight this bout.

The fight will be aired on a pay per view basis that could cost anything from 90$ to 150$. The match will take place at the T Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada and all permissions have been secured from the state of Nevada in advance. To watch the McGregor vs Mayweather fight live, you will have to pay anything between 2500$ to 98500$ depending on how close you want to sit to the ring.

Ever since the poster has been released, we have witnessed mixed reactions towards it. While some have expressed their sheer impatience for the historic match, others haven’t exactly loved the poster. Apparently, the poster doesn’t justify the enthusiasm that the match holds.

There is no show of fights, belts or even the boxing ring in the poster, which upset some of its audience. Now since the fans didn’t like the poster, they took it upon themselves to make some poster themselves and share it on social media.

Many are awaiting McGregor’s reaction to the official poster of the match because of his reaction to a poster of a previous match that he was about to fight with Rafael Dos Anjos, but eventually, the bout didn’t happen because McGregor pulled out at the last minute. So, McGregor expressed his disliking for that poster by saying that someone in the department is snoozing and the poster needs to depict the super fight that it is. He continued by saying that it is missing out on all the historical images.

The match has been surrounded with controversies and news ever since its announcement. There was a bad lip reading makeover done to one of their tour videos. And just last week, there was a rumor that McGregor got knocked out in sparring which was later rubbished by his PR management company.

The two men have just finished the trash talking tour to 4 cities last week which included Toronto, New York, London and Los Angeles. With audience going ga-ga over the videos from the tour, one can only imagine what will go down on the D-Day.

Don’t miss out this Mayweather fight live stream from your TV channels as pay per view .

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