Mayweather vs McGregor Fight Live

Mayweather vs McGregor Fight Live In The Midnight Mania: Duo Agree To Rigorous Drug Testing!

Fans and followers are eagerly waiting for the match between Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather. This fight is very crucial, and many speculations have been made. Both the fighters are capable of winning this match. They both have agreed to undergo a rigorous USADA testing. This test is similar to test of UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship).

McGregor Tests Details

He is a UFC athlete. He has to undergo two tests. One test is UFC anti-doping, and other is anti-doping. According to USADA’s test history, he has to go for a test as per boxing rules and regulations. In 2017, he has undergone UFC anti-doping test five times. Recently also he has passed this test two times in the month of July.

Mayweather Tests Details

Mayweather passed this test two times in this month only. In September 2015, Mayweather got retired after defeating Andre Berto. After that, he was tested first time for USADA test.

Importance of Tests

Although many people are speculating hard those, who will win some of the people are saying that this fight is like a fight in the circus. However, USADA officials are very strict that both of the players must meet all WADA codes. They will not allow any misuse of the rules and regulations.

According to an official of USADA, this program is conducted for many years. The format of this program is similar to other professional programs of boxing. Every athlete has to undergo the testing. Here, all the samples are sent to WADA recognized labs for analysis. The rules of this test are similar to UFC anti-doping program and WADA code.

He further said that the organization educates players about their responsibilities. Their representatives must be aware of their rights. These tests are important for the fair fight. It also helps in maintaining the integrity of the match. The organization aims that the deserving fighter must win the match.

Highlights of the Tests

We all know that the fight is going to take place on 26th August 2017. Less than a month is left for the Mayweather vs McGregor Fight Live. Both of the fighters are working very hard to win this match. It is a 12-round battle with 154- pound bout. The huge amount of money is at stake.

This match is one of the historical matches of the decade. Many eminent sportsperson and fighters are saying that this match is one of its kind. They are eagerly waiting since the time the clash between McGregor and Mayweather was announced.

The officials have cleared that the series of testing will be a continuous process. Both of them have to undergo these tests numerous time in this coming month. The official said that McGregor had been registered under UFC anti-doping testing policy from July 2015. He further said that the authority is taking extra care to avoid any chances of disobeying of rules and regulations.

He added that the number of tests is not fixed as in the case of other programs. But we are trying our level best to be fair. The test history of every athlete will be published and updated weekly on the website of USADA.

This anti-doping drug testing program is administered under the guidance of USADA. Nevada Athletic commission has not registered this testing program. This commission has resulted in the issues for Mayweather in the past. It had over sighted the areas that involved the use of 1V during a fight with Manny Pacquiao.

Guys, stay tuned for more updates on Mayweather vs. McGregor fight. The excitement and madness before the match have just begun!

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