Mayweather vs Mcgregor Fight Live

Mayweather vs McGregor Fight Live: When Will The Fight Tickets Become Available?

Fans and the boxing community alike are frenzy over the most awaited match in the longest time. Tickets of the Floyd Mayweather vs Connor McGregor boxing bout are going on sale on 24th July 2017. They will be able starting from 10 am PST and 1 pm EST. Tickets are being sold at the T Mobile Arena’s website as well as from the TicketMaster’s official website.

You can watch the fight live in the Arena for tickets as cheap as 500$, and it goes up 10,000$. The cost goes up as your seat gets closer to the ringside. The gigantic T Series Arena has about 20,000 seats. It could cost you anything at the rates $1500, $2000, $2500, $5000, $7500 and the most expensive would go up to $10 grand depending upon the position of the seat. Surely enough, these tickets might burn a hole in your pocket, but with the madness for this bout, these seats are anticipated to be sold out sooner than ever.

The match is scheduled to be fought at the T Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada on the 26th of August, 2017. It will be telecaster on a pay per view basis which will be charged at $99.95 for high definition stream of the McGregor vs Mayweather fight life and the $89.95 for the standard definition streaming. The match will have about 12 rounds in the entire bout, and each round will be 3 minutes.

The reason for the madness surrounding this match is that the two fighters will be fighting against each other in the United States for the very first time. Conor McGregor is a popular MMA fighter aka as mixed martial arts. He is a famous UFC fighter who simultaneously holds titles in two divisions. He has never fought a boxing match in his life and is about to make his boxing debut against the great Mayweather.

Mayweather is the hot favorite in the bout due to his fantastic track record. Floyd holds a record of 49 matches without a single defeat in his career span of 21 years. He is one of the most popular boxing champs that the world has seen and is all prepared to fight the popular MMA fighter. What makes the situation more interesting that Mayweather will be coming out of retirement to fight McGregor at the age of 40? Floyd Mayweather has been in retirement for closely about two years.

All permits for the match have been taken in advance from the State of Nevada for the boxing bout. Conor McGregor didn’t hold a boxing license in the United States and is still awaiting one. His team is working on the same while they undergo intensive medical checkups to ensure that both parties are fit and qualified to fight the bout fairly.

The match has been given more publicity due to the controversies surrounding the fight and the players. Just last week, both players were on tour for a series of trash talk in major cities like London, Toronto, Los Angeles and New York. The clips from the tour were enough to make the awaiting audience go haywire. Then came the bad lip reading makeover that was done to a compilation of the trash talk tour videos and it was a hilarious watch.

Followed by the tour was the news of McGregor being knocked out in a sparring match; however, the rumor stopped doing rounds as soon McGregor’s management rubbished these rumors and the boxer against whom he allegedly lost denied any such news. It will be a treat to watch the match now that the excitement is up among its fans.

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