Highlights: Best Moments Captured From The World Tour Conference – Mayweather vs McGregor Live

There is almost over a month left for this historic fight and I know you must be going crazy day-by-day. This McGregor vs Mayweather live stream can be witnessed on 26th August, 2017 in Toronto. Dana White, the president of UFC expected the press conference world tour to be an explicit one which came out to be 100% true.

This four day world tour was successfully done in four cities that touched three countries. Obviously, when the two sports superstars will share the same platform, it has to be a grand one. But everything has a flip-side. There were moments captured which were low and at times was contrived and embarrassing.

The worst part of it was it was related to racism and homophobia. But, still these could not lessen the excitement of the match at all.26th August is gaining popularity as a dream fight match day. Some of you must have missed the live conference so; to remove your disappointments here I have come up with all the Best Moments that has taken during these days:

Rest of the best was automatically created when the two energetic and enthusiastic sports superstars share the same platform on day 1 at Los Angeles. Believe me, the stage was on fire and the crowd was going crazy like anything.

Through there looks and dressing sense they both have successfully come out to be bold personalities. With the help of exchanging some words, they were able to express their intentions that how much aggression they have in them.

Toronto was the next destination of their tour and it has been the best of all. The 2nd day has been full of laughter, cheering from the crowd of over 16000 at regular intervals which has created a dynamic and active environment all over.

Spectacular moment arises when Drake the sixth God himself comes up to welcome these two fighters. Drake starts off with a high five from the near crowd which was a gesture of love and welcoming from side.

Gathering’s level of excitement goes into a completely new zone. Although, the event was started one hour late but there is a saying that goes perfect on this situation, “All well that ends well.” At the time of leaving the venue there was a big smile at the face every spectator.

Now the flight of their tour landed in Brooklyn on the third day. It was totally a WWE surrounding created over there. Shirtless with just a white fur coat McGregor completely stole the show. It has been a shock as well as surprising for me that weather on other side was continuously engaging him to talk about money all the time.

Last but the most aggressive and passionate day, turn out to be the day 4 at London. A continuous sentence that was heard from the McGregor’s mouth was “I will knock you out.” There was one moment when McGregor was captured patting the head of Mayweather.

Now you must be very curious to know whether they got physical over there. So let me make this thing absolutely clear that No, none of them got violent and physical. They have just shown their aggressiveness through their words. After all these talks, it was a time when dream fight has to be announced officially. So, at last, the Mayweather and McGregor were made officially engaged for 26th August in a 12 round boxing match.

This world tour came out to be merciful and aggressive sometimes. This fight is worth to wait for. Don’t even think of missing this action live. And yes, cheer for your fighter at the top of your voice.

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