Mayweather vs McGregor Press Tour

There’s Something That We’ve Learned: Conor McGregor vs Floyd Mayweather Press Tour!

The most awaited fight between Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather will be held in Las Vegas on 26th of August this year. These world famous fighters are waiting for the face off and so are their fans. Meanwhile, they are busy in a promotional press tour for their soon to be held fight.

Everyone is eagerly waiting to see McGregor vs Mayweather Fight Live on 26th August 2017. Aren’t we? However, there are lots of interesting things coming out during this promotional press tour that we, as the fans, cannot afford to miss. So just hop on and read further to learn more about the press tour.

There are so many things that we learned for the first time during this tour. Let’s have a look:

Conor McGregor is much better in demoralizing his opponent by his talks as compared to Floyd Mayweather.

So guys, if you are thinking that fight is gonna start on 26th of August this year, then you are wrong. My friends, it has already started. This promotional tour is no less than a fight for these two world class champs of combat sports.

This tour was held to visit four places viz. Los Angeles, New York, Toronto, and London. The only motive of this tour is to publicize this fight. These two fighters are seen trash talking to each other in these press tours.

In all the tours McGregor was noticed to be flawless in trash talks and very evidently is the best trash talker among the two. His trash talks were so influential and effortless that at times Mayweather was speechless.

Floyd Mayweather is aHypocrite

While they were in London, Floyd Mayweather’scomments and state very clearly exhibited his hypocritical nature.

Earlier in this event, he was found criticizing McGregor for his racist comments. However, soon after a while,he made such a highly offensive statements for UFC superstar. This hypocrite behavior of his was not at all accepted by the audiences, and they showed him thumbs down as a symbol of expressing their grief.

Conor McGregor has a Firm Belief that He will make Floyd MayweatherBite the Dust

Throughout the tour, it was seen that McGregor was very confident about winning this fight. His confident statements and frequent declarations of making Mayweather bite the dust were very prominent.

McGregor’s comments are haunting the mind of every person who attended these press tours. McGregor, who is the first UFC belt holder from Ireland, claims that he will turn the world upside down by winning this fight.

You must be thinking that he is making such claims to publicize his most crucial fight ever. But, once you observe the conviction that was there in his speech, it seems that this man has great confidence in his skills of boxing.

This Fight is Goingto Break All the Records regardingEarnings

You would be surprised to see the response received during these promotional press tours. There is no doubt that this fight is going to break all the records regarding earnings. All the venues are flooded with audiences. There were around 48,000 fans occupying the Staples Center, Budweiser Stage, Barclays Center and SSE Wembley Arena. Not only this, the count of YouTube viewers across the globe is more than 33 million for this event.

Conor McGregor is Already a Winner!

McGregor has already won the hearts of people by accepting the challenge to fight with controversial American fighter in his own game. The acceptance for this fight has already increased the net worth of McGregor and has given a bump to his sky-high profile.

The time is about to come when we see both of these champs face to face in theboxing ring. May the best player win.

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