Floyd Mayweather Jr. live instagram.com

Floyd Mayweather Jr. is one of the best or we can say all time best in his age . No doubt he is best because records showing this and you have to believe this that he never beaten on his career . His last fight was against pacquiao .

Floyd Mayweather finally agree to fight against another UFC giant Conor McGregor . Conor McGregor SIGNS Floyd Mayweather contract UFC star set for megafight . world’s richest sportsman and now makes his living as a boxing promoter.

Millions of fans all over the world are waiting for this MAYWEATHER VS MCGREGOR LIVE STREAM PPV Boxing will shown on Showtime .

Floyd Mayweather Jr recent instagram page showing that he has 15.5 millions followers but he is following only 167 People .

He did post only 545 as well on this social Media publication .