“Fire Pro Wrestling World” Video Game Stimulates The McGregor vs Mayweather Fight Live!

On the one hand, July 12, 2017, had made a remarkable and most awaiting announcement of a boxing match between McGregor and Mayweather while on the other hand, on July 14, 2017, itself launching has been done of a very famous and realistic video game series.

“Fire Pro Wrestling World” had dynamised all the energetic vibes among the die-hard boxing fans. All you boxing followers out there can watch this historic McGregor vs Mayweather fight live on August 26,2017, at Las Vegas and until then to be connected with this fight emotion you can play with stimulating video game which has designed in a very pragmatic manner.

AI Logic System

To make this game more real Fire Pro Wrestling’s complex AI Logic System will enable you all to get a chance to opt for specific moves that the boxer does in the ring. Emotions such as frustration, aggressiveness, punching, covering, evading have been successfully embedded in this super exciting video game.

With the help of AI Logic System, you will connect with the fight in the same way as you will relate to the actual fight.

Previous Series

Let’s get a look at the Fire Pro Wrestling’s previous series that made a blast and take a level up in the field of video games.

In the first series, you will see Goku from Dragon Ball Z who has been the most powerful fighter of all times of anime opponent to Floyd Mayweather. Needless, to say the winner being obviously Goku in 18 minutes 40 seconds, he gave no chance to let Mayweather overcome him at any point. When Goku set up against McGregor, fight runs out to be finished early as MC succeeded in defeating Goku in just 9 minutes and 35 seconds although he was exhausted afterward.

In the second series, I was too excited to see the street fight and the most enthusiastic thing was that there are no rules to this fight as a result fighters may use their fireballs made of spirit energy. Mayweather’s opponent was Babog, Mike, Guile, and Ryu. Being giant and super strong Mayweather has to face breakdown after a tough fight of 9 minutes and 56 seconds. McGregor came up with his aggression and was able to win at the end after a long fight of 18 minutes and 23 seconds.

In the third series, the fire of aggression was all set up between Mayweather and Rocky Balboa from starting. This match ends up being a draw after a long fight of 20 minutes. When the match started between McGregor and Rocky, Rocky overtook MC in the starting but was not able to continue its superiority as a result after 8 minutes and 31 seconds McGregor came up with flying colors.

In the fourth series, Milkshake Duck, a monster with bowling balls straight away murders Mayweather thereby winning the fight in just 9 minutes and 27 seconds. On the other side,McGregor continued its legacy by his defensive and fast action tricks and was able to defeat the beak in 11minutes and 57 seconds.

The fifth edition, part is really hard stuff to describe in words as it comes out to be between Mayweather and McGregor. Perfect moves, best defense strategy has resulted in a draw of this match after long 20 minutes bout.

You must be counting days on your fingers and wants that August 26 should come up running fast. Until then waiting for the actual dream flight, you can enjoy the trailer of it.

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