All About Conor McGregor! How Much Is He Net Worth? How Much Money Is Involved In The Mayweather vs McGregor Fight Live?

All About Conor McGregor! How Much Is He Net Worth? How Much Money Is Involved In The Mayweather vs McGregor Fight Live?

McGregor is the highest paid fighter and one of the top highest earning athlete in the world. Forbes has listed him in the 24th position as a highest earning athlete. He has gathered wealth and popularity from two biggest UFC events. These events have earned money from endorsements and sponsorships. They were based on the pay- per- view strategy.

He is moving forward to earn money. He is now fighting with Floyd Mayweather. It is said that it is one of the historical matches of the decade. It is speculated that McGregor can earn double than his net worth. He is said as one of the biggest fighters in the sport’s world.

He is about to sign a new sponsorship deal for fighting against Mayweather. There are many questions in the mind of his fan and followers about his net worth. People are eager to know who is sponsoring him. There is a lot of the hustle and bustle that how much he is going to earn from this fight.

McGregor Net Worth

Forbes has said that McGregor has a net worth of $34M. He has made $27 M from UFC. $7M is being earned from sponsorships and endorsements. According to a magazine, this man is in full mood to increase his net worth.

It is estimated that this match pay per view could attract more than 3 million buys. He is going to earn at least $75M if everything works in his favor. He has signed a new marketing deal with Beats and Anheuser- Busch.

McGregor’s Sponsors

It is said that in May McGregor has agreed to an endorsement deal from Beats by Dre. Many other renowned companies have also sponsored him. Some of these companies are Reebok, Monster Energy, and Bud Light. He has worked with a luxury auto maker Rolls Royce. He was gifted with a luxury car by the company in 2016.

He is still signing many other sponsorship deals. He has posted some pictures on social media wearing Nike. So, we can hear many other big names of the brands ahead of the McGregor vs Mayweather fight live.

Comments of Mayweather for McGregor Net Worth

Early this year in January, Mayweather said that McGregor net worth is less than $34M. He has posted a screenshot of a website on his twitter. According to that screenshot, McGregor net worth is somewhere about $2.5 M. According to the same website, Mayweather has a net worth of $650 M.

The fans and followers of McGregor cleared that website has not taken UFC earnings. McGregor has earned mostly from UFC championships only. He has earned a lot of money since UFC 196. McGregor had made a record in UFC 202 of a highest paid fighter. He has made a historical record in UFC205 in MMA history.

In both these events only he has taken $6M to his home. Fans further said that this does not include the sponsorship deals signed by him after UFC 196. This fight has taken place in March 2016.

How much money is McGregor going to earn fighting against Mayweather?

It is estimated that the and McGregor and Mayweather fight is having worth of around $390 M. However, total revenue will exceed $500 M. Both of these fighters have signed a deal that they cannot disclose the split of the money. But it is for sure that Mayweather is getting more.

However, the people have put the money on them. These both fighters are the legends in their field. The match is set to happen on 26 August 2017 in the USA. If you are looking to watch the Mayweather vs McGregor Fight Live online then you can bookmark this website .

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